Court Watching – a How To guide

judge signing on the papers

Court watching, also known as courtroom observation, is an essential activity that allows individuals to witness the workings of the legal system firsthand. By observing judicial proceedings, citizens can gain valuable insights into the administration of justice and foster transparency within the legal system. Whether you are a law student, an aspiring lawyer, a concerned […]

LAZY asses

  There is no need to write anything, the picture says it all.

25.03 and policing done right

The boys in blue have a TOUGH job, the best cop I could be would be sledge hammer. Here is a video where a parent REFUSED to turn over a child for their court ordered  custody time (violation of Texas Penal Code 25.03) and used their employer in the process to confuse and intimate the […]

The IMPORTANCE of voting

While I will add my personal thoughts on this and a CTA (the beauty of owning the website), this HIGHLIGHTS the importance of voting and thinking that its someone else’s issue.   In Tarrant County (supposedly Republican), they were looking to follow suit with Dallas County’s “jerk off” Jenkins and requiring everyone to wear face […]

Pop got to hear from Texas Governor candidate Don Huffines 8/11/2021

On 8/11/21, the Pissed off Parent got to hear from Texas Governor candidate, Don Huffines on the top of Equal Shared Parenting. If he gets elected, I hope he is a man of his word. And this was my conversation with Gregg Abbott from August 2017 that I had referenced in my question to Don […]

Please Courtwatch for Alan Eoff

  Will you please court watch Alan’s court hearing tomorrow morning at 8:30am? This is the youtube link. In 2017, my daughter was left in a car at a bar by her mother and got two years probation for child endangerment and abandonment. At her emergency hearing back then the previous judge gave me supervised […]

Dallas “anti-family” court judge Mary Brown

Most people just simply cannot believe that this is occurring at all, much less in Texas. Basically, an evil whacked out POS pediatrician in an effort to destroy her ex-husband and display her golden uterus (a point that is also weird, since the child in question is adopted) is pushing to have their son, James, […]

HB 803 Texas equal shared parenting bill

Through various efforts, HB 803 , which was authored by Rep Middleton has the most joint and co-authors of any of the other bills that are being put forth this legislative session. The bill has been sitting at Rep Victoria Neaves desk for approximately 3 weeks and as of yet has not made the JJFI […]

2020 Title IV-D cases and amount distributed by county

Happy new year to everyone….hope that 2021 is a better year for all. That being said, here is a report of the number of open Title IV-D cases with amounts distributed by county. By now everyone reading this blogpost should know what the scam of child support is and why it is the way it […]