Court Watching – a How To guide

judge signing on the papers

Court watching, also known as courtroom observation, is an essential activity that allows individuals to witness the workings of the legal system firsthand. By observing judicial proceedings, citizens can gain […]

LAZY asses

  There is no need to write anything, the picture says it all.

25.03 and policing done right

The boys in blue have a TOUGH job, the best cop I could be would be sledge hammer. Here is a video where a parent REFUSED to turn over a […]

The IMPORTANCE of voting

While I will add my personal thoughts on this and a CTA (the beauty of owning the website), this HIGHLIGHTS the importance of voting and thinking that its someone else’s […]

Please Courtwatch for Alan Eoff

  Will you please court watch Alan’s court hearing tomorrow morning at 8:30am? This is the youtube link. In 2017, my daughter was left in a car at a bar […]

HB 803 Texas equal shared parenting bill

Through various efforts, HB 803 , which was authored by Rep Middleton has the most joint and co-authors of any of the other bills that are being put forth this […]