The IMPORTANCE of voting

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While I will add my personal thoughts on this and a CTA (the beauty of owning the website), this HIGHLIGHTS the importance of voting and thinking that its someone else’s issue.


In Tarrant County (supposedly Republican), they were looking to follow suit with Dallas County’s “jerk off” Jenkins and requiring everyone to wear face diapers. In a NARROW 5-4 vote, conservative values of personal responsibility prevailed. This would give people the option of diapering up or not.  Mattie Parker, who was recently elected cast the decided vote….had this been in the hands of the old mayor, we’d all be dealing with the nonsense.


The main message, VOTE!!!! There are consequences for thinking you can stay out of the fight. Primarily loss of freedom and letting these idiots tell you what to do.

The Call To Action is to get rid of the four democrat/RINOs that voted FOR this nonsense (they were all newly elected….another important reason to vote):

  1. Carlos E. Flores (District 2)
  2. Jared Williams (District 6)
  3. Elizabeth Beck (District 5)
  4. Chris Nettles (District 8)

And a Call To Action to give an “atta boy” to the following that voted for personal responsibility:

  1. Cary Moon (District 4)
  2. Gyna Bivens (District 5)
  3. Michael D Crain (District 3)
  4. Mattie Parker (Mayor) 
  5. Leonard Firestone (District 7) 

Either go on their FB page or call them.


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