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Feminist lies, and a response to a whopper - Pissed Off Parent
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Feminist lies, and a response to a whopper

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The author has seen this often repeated “factoid” being paraded around the internet by the “me too” “I’m a victim” crowd for awhile. Personally, I don’t know whats worse, that they spout this nonsense, that they actually believe it, or that they are spreading this nonsense around on the internet for gullible men and women to read. 

In each iteration, there is usually 2 links that get tossed around attached to the “XX% of men don’t want custody”. The number, whatever it is is easily debunked as complete nonsense….if you can read and understand math (note, i think I see why they hold on to this 🙂 )…

The “fem-bible” links:
 For the first link, it is been completely debunked on this site by a Mark Rosenthal. I also have it in PDF format, just in case it ever gets taken down.
What’s even more amusing about the actual study shows that the fathers who ask for custody are 6 times LESS likely to get it compared to females….(note, for the uneducated, this is the definition of gender discrimination). 
The study then goes on to use a lot of big words and slips in info from THIS study. What’s even more interesting (if you actually read it), is that the studies it references all “appear” to claim that women are favored MORE often than men in custody situations. 
“See id. (noting that fathers who seek custody prevail in half or more cases); Mason & Quirk, supra note 228, at 228 tbl.2 (citing statistics showing that fathers won custody in forty-two percent of custody appeals, mothers prevailed in forty-five percent of cases, and twelve percent of the cases involved some form of shared custody, including 9.2% with split custody and 2.8% with joint physical custody); Massachusetts Report, supra note 227, at 825 (finding that fathers obtain custody in 70% of cases). But see MACCOBY & MNOOKIN, supra note 13, at 103-04 (finding that mothers obtained their preferred custodial arrangement twice as often as fathers); Bahr et al., supra note 208, at 257 (showing that fathers in Utah were awarded sole custody in only twenty-one percent of disputed cases, mothers received sole custody in fifty percent of cases, seventeen percent of fathers were awarded joint legal custody, and thirteen percent had split custody); Fox & Blanton, supra note 101, at 261 (finding that when fathers in California sought joint custody and mothers sought sole custody, mothers prevailed in sixty-seven percent of the cases)”

The second link, which has been since taken down and is irretrievable (wonder why) had this information in the abstract:

In this Article, Professor Maldonado examines the extensive empirical evidence of paternal disengagement and analyses the reasons close to one-third of noncustodial fathers have little or no contact with their children after divorce. Exploring current societal norms of post-divorce fatherhood, she concludes that the law’s and society’s treatment and expectations of divorced fathers may be facilitating their disengagement.

Now, one would think that feminists are rational people (I know, I know, I am doing a setup, let me do it 🙂 ) and I could simply provide this data and we could all get on the same page (or at least chapter). This is how feminist view equality:


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So, they want truth, but only a feminist truth? 

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So, what we have learned is that feminists only want to push their own lies, half truth, and other half baked ideas out to unsuspecting people and will do whatever necessary to squelch opposing speech….pretty much sums up the entire feminist movement. Hope they enjoy their cats, because thankfully, based on the data, men have begun wising up to the lie (and some feminists has left, albiet too late and they are part of the ASPCA club). 

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