DNA Testing – When you are NOT the father

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DNA testing has revolutionized the field of paternity testing, providing a reliable and accurate method to determine biological relationships. However, one question that often arises is, “What are the statistics when the man is not the father?” In this article, we delve into the realm of DNA testing statistics to shed light on the frequency of cases where the tested man is not the biological father. Understanding these statistics can help individuals navigate the emotional and legal complexities that may arise in such situations. The author, after lots of research, has found that not only is the industry “simping” to the topic, society as a whole tries to bury “Settled Science”.

The question of “why” is something with a 99% accuracy rate called into question must be asked. Why do the state, women, and society as a whole fight against something that is beneficial? The answer? Money as well as tarnishing the fragile “thot” egos of the “I am woman, hear me roar!!!”. Funnier, is that when the results DO show that the named person is the father, it is taken as the gospel.

Many people tout the often-cited 30% statistic of a man finding out he is NOT the father. The saying of Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics come to mind because as with other statistics, there ARE things to consider. The main one is that this 30% is not from “random” sampling, but from people SEEKING a DNA test because they have thoughts that the child may not be theirs. This article quotes:

“The results showed three out of every ten men tested were found not to be the biological father. There were about 300,000 DNA Paternity testing cases analyzed and roughly 100,000 men have deemed not the father.”

This author could cite various studies in the U.S. and abroad that show numbers both higher and lower and others “experts” statistics (one report stated Nigeria ranked 2nd highest for paternity fraud), but arguing statistics detract from the real issue(s)…why? Why does the government allow this? Why do women do this? And what are the impacts to the millions of children impacted?

The answer to why the government does it is easy, Money. In the United States (other countries have similar programs), our anti-family court system profits off of these scenarios by way of Title IV-D funds, enslaving men, and destroying the family unit. Think that its far fetched? This video (and the pissedoffparent.com website has much more information and examples) walks you through one person’s story:

While this story, the brazen attitude of the “mother”, the statement by the attorney confirming that they don’t care if the named father is not the actual father, as long as someone pays child support. This IS the system and what the anti-family courts care about….money, not children. This story is repeated all over the world.

And there are women that instead of taking ownership, now want to blame the government….to perpetuate the victim mentality….its always the man’s fault…and the government’s:

The only way this is going to change is for 1)men to not get in the system in the first place. This means, no marriage, and certainly no children, and 2)women need to step up and start taking ownership of their part in this. The government has no reason to stop using you to destroy society for profit. What else needs to be said?

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