Dallas “anti-family” court judge Mary Brown

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Most people just simply cannot believe that this is occurring at all, much less in Texas. Basically, an evil whacked out POS pediatrician in an effort to destroy her ex-husband and display her golden uterus (a point that is also weird, since the child in question is adopted) is pushing to have their son, James, who is 8. transitioned from a boy to a girl.

The reason that Judge Brown is doing this is NOT because there is a law for it, but because the father will not honor the gag order that she placed, which allows her to do whatever she wants to do under cover of darkness. This is a common game judges play to make up for their own mental shortcomings. The scary part is that this goofy broad has the ability to do this…..and no one, right up to the governor, doesn’t care!!!!

The links below (loosely cataloged) will tell the story of his this came to be. There is a special spot in hell for these crazy broads…..

One of MANY websites dedicated to her shenanigans.

Latest video from the courthouse:

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Latest information on the gag order:


Part 1 of 13 video shorts talking about the James Younger case:https://fb.watch/7cp6LJMx97/

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