Paxton brags about Child Support collections….enjoy it…while you can

Ken Paxton, you know him by his hash tag “PaxtonforPrison”, or a more recent story where the bible verse poster has been busted sticking his wiener in a woman that is not his wife, ala the Kamala Harris rise to power. Well The same guy that brags about all this has published a letter showing […]

Family law reform, the definition of insanity

The definition of insanity is “repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” Although this saying is attributed to Albert Einstein, it actually appeared in a narcotics anonymous publication….but enough with the “Cliff Clavinisms”….. Whoever said it, they obviously were thinking of family court reform. I have been involuntarily involved in this shit show for the […]

Tarrant County Texas Courts…can they be any more corrupt

Was recently informed of three corruption cases (involving the same family court gang) that should rock even the most jaded person that has been through the family court system to the core (and that says a lot given that we have dealt with judges giving ex boyfriends equal rights to a father; forcing a man […]

Collection of Tarrant/Dallas County Family Court youtube channels

A collection(growing) of Youtube channels where family court proceedings are being made public. to find out when they go live, subscribe and “hit the bell”. The way it works is when they go live, you can view the proceedings. After the session is over, they generally take down the video. Dallas/Tarrant County: […]

Texas Fatherhood Friday…Initial Thoughts

Today I listened to a webinar that was put on the Child and Family Research Partnership at UT Austin group that included the following panel: Leah Leone, Director of Access and Visitation, Office of the Attorney General David Simpson, Executive Director, Harris County Domestic Relations Office Mireya Cepeda Clinical Services MAnager, El Paso Domestic Relations […]

Why 50/50 Equal Shared parenting will never get passed for majority of the states

Kentucky passed the first “50/50” custody bill in 2017, HB 492 becoming the first state to have a version of the equal shared custody standard that groups have been fighting for for decades. Within 2 years of the bills passing, reports show that domestic violence, aka the silver bullet, is down and oddly enough divorces […]

Texas Family Law Group….Reality Challenged

I was recently made aware that the texas “un” family law group had published a report of the bills THEY killed this last session. You can read it here.     Some observations, the foundation didn’t kill the bills, in fact from the video, they spent a decent portion of the hearing getting spanked by […]

Corrupt CPS…and my experience(s)

Saw an article that 3 CPS workers are being indicted for various things. Being involved in the shared parenting groups, I have heard a number of horror stories involving CPS..My boys and I have, unfortunately, too have had to deal with CPS due to the ex-spouse and her shenanigans.  Glad that someone is holding this […]

The Family Law Foundation…WOW

For another project I am working on, I needed to get some information and pulled up the family law foundation (the jokers that provided misinformation during the Texas Justice committee and got their butts handed to them) website and was greeted with this on their front page: That’s right, on the FRONT page they have […]

War of the Roses….a documentary???

I had watched War of the Roses (1989) shortly after meeting my first wife. I remember laughing at parts of it and not really understanding (even though I was a child of a crazy divorce) it. I remember even mouthing the words Sean Austin (Josh) said to Michael Douglas’s (Ollie) character “just because you screwed […]