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No! The entire divorce industry is set up to maximize conflict so that they can maximize profits. This video goes into more detail on that topic.

Absolutely, Family courts are courts of equity, meaning that lying is usually rewarded. And yes, your attorney is in on it.

If you are the man (91-97% of the time), NO! The system is set up on money. It doesn’t matter what she does, but if you, the man has so much as a speeding ticket from 1987, you will not get custody. The system is built on money, not logic.

NO…Let me repeat, NO! The state gets their reimbursement and bonus check through the state, which pays judges. They routinely deny payments not paid through the state disbursement agency and all that money will be considered a gift. This video explains in more detail

As a counter-point, an article was made saying not to do it…but the reason (and they even admit it in the article when a person doesn’t, they run the risk of getting hit with the “gift” argument)to not is by doing so you assume you will get visitation, this does not guarantee it at all.

The OAG is a business. they will do whatever they need to do to get their Title IV-D funds. This video is an experience.

(update)-against wishes, the OAG signed this person up for services. 

The data shows that the exact opposite is true. This link shows the data breakdown of who gets custody

Although it is a State Jail Felony, (Texas)25.03 violations are NOT prosecuted by the DA. The data from this link shows that all over Texas, they simply do not prosecute custody interference violations.  

People have wondered, “what is the connection with Pissed Off Parent and the anchor picture in the logo”?

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Well, the PIssed Off Parent site/efforts/logo was the result of being taken through the anti-family court system. It was born from a silent, unspoken promise I made to my boys that they would never go through what I was put through.


When I was thinking of a name, I saw other “lovey-dovey” ESP type groups out there, all being cute and thought…”Oh, HELL no! I am pissed that this is the way this corrupt system works and I am not gonna throw Potpourri on the smelly turd that is the divorce industry. 


What am I, well I am PISSED OFF…and that is how the name “Pissed Off Parent” came about. 


The “If not now, when?” slogan came from observing other people and groups talking…..and talking…..and talking about what they were “gonna do”. Never been much of a talker, more of a doer. 


If you look at the logo, there is a “naval” anchor AND a thread and needle. I wanted to make something that honored my father, who was a PROUD Vietnam veteran who was in the navy and my gma (grandma) who was a seamstress throughout her working life. 


And no, I am not going to change that logo to fit some “warm and fuzzy” stereotype.  


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