Texas hates fathers…..still

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The war on fathers has been going on for decades. While many organizations like AFESP, AFPE, Dads Equal Custody, The Unmarried Father, etc. have been working to change the laws and public perception of fathers, not much has really changed.

As everyone knows, divorce is a 60+ billion dollar business and the lawyers, judges, and legislators do not want to give up money, even though the data showing the impacts to the country have been proven time and time again.

States like Texas are leaders in Child Support collection with both Abbott when he was Attorney General and the current Attorney General Ken Paxton bragging about how the destroy, mostly fathers, through the barbaric child support collection tactics.

But, people are saying that things are getting better…lawyers have come out repeatedly saying that there is not a war on fathers….same with the OAG and the courts…

In an open information request report from the Texas OAG (2020) obtained by Dad Equal Custody, this interactive chart shows, by county the percentage of fathers as the non custodial parent (the non custodial parent is defined as the person that doesn’t have equal time…and also pays Child Support). The darker the color the higher the percentage.

To make a long story short, in Texas, 91.2% of all non custodial parents are fathers…..as of 2020. So much for equality.

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