Paxton brags about Child Support collections….enjoy it…while you can

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Ken Paxton, you know him by his hash tag “PaxtonforPrison”, or a more recent story where the bible verse poster has been busted sticking his wiener in a woman that is not his wife, ala the Kamala Harris rise to power. Well The same guy that brags about all this has published a letter showing off how he has pulled more blood from a stone from hurting texans’ via their thug style child support collection numbers:

We all know that Paxton loves his Title IV-D funding and brags about how much they collect, but this is his way of handling collections:

For example, his bragging about working hard to collect, I have 50/50 (one of the 5% of Texans that bought my 50/50). Although I have 50/50, I pay $800 a month for one child. While I pay this, the ex wife enjoys this tax free money and lives off of welfare. they “garnish” this from my paycheck each month….essentially an ACH transaction? How is this working hard. the overwhelming majority fall into my category, so he isn’t working hard…. and its not for the children, it is to get the 800 million in various recovery funds and bonuses from the federal government.

Thanks to these asshats, men and boys have figured it out and are no longer getting married or having children. Here is the same information from a different perspective………So, Ken, enjoy it while you can……..

If you want to learn more about this history and why all this happened, watch my Title IV-D video.

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