Custody Interference……the “diet coke” of the Texas State Felonies

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The topic of Custody Interference has been written about and discussed ad-nauseum. As we all know from web pages like this custody interference is a major issue, however, it is treated like the “Diet Coke” of the state penal code.

25.03 Interference with Child Custody is a Texas state jail felony and meant to resolve issues for, mostly fathers, who after receiving their pittance custody (aka standard possession order) of 1st,3rd, and 5th weekends then must play the game of the other parent not allowing them to see their children.

Although the law is quite clear and groups like the 25.03 facebook group are working with law enforcement to improve the process, the interactive graph below shows how law enforcement and the county District Attorneys view the matter:

So, out of the 10,000 plus calls to police for custody interference, only 139 resulted in arrests and then 79 convictions.

If you still think that this is not a wide spread issue, I leave you with a current case where the MAYOR of Mineral Wells has been doing this for several months to our own Brandon Johnson….with no repercussions.

And to show JUST how much they don’t care about custody interference, starting Monday January 4, 2021 Dallas police won’t even respond to 25.03….but you sure as hell know they will respond to 25.05……

Dallas Police say premature memo detailing calls that would be diverted is not going into effect for

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