2020 Title IV-D cases and amount distributed by county

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Happy new year to everyone….hope that 2021 is a better year for all. That being said, here is a report of the number of open Title IV-D cases with amounts distributed by county.

By now everyone reading this blogpost should know what the scam of child support is and why it is the way it is, if not, please watch this video to gain a better understanding. We even have Ken Paxton himself BRAGGING about how much they collect. They, of course, state that is all for the children…..but we know better, it’s to line their greedy pockets.

Still think its not a business? Here is a screenshot from their “Apply for Services” page confirming that they do not represent the “poor” children, they represent themselves. They also inform you that they charge $3 monthly for EACH payment made….as well as an annual service fee.

So, taking the current 2020 open cases of 1,505,654 and multiplying it by 12 (months), they have collected $18,068,848 for monthly fees in 2020 ALONE!!!! And then lets not forget that Kenny brags about their recovery percentages, which they get federal reimbursements for….or their yearly bonus ($75 million) from the federal government.

Once the 2020 census is completed, I plan to show percentages of families that are crippled by the unfair child support scam. Please review the current data of 1,505654 open cases with $4,891,335,751 distributed.

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