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What is Child Support? It depends who you ask: The media/courts portrays Child Support as helping the child…


People that have been through the child support process know that it is a welfare recovery and wealth redistribution system.

Each states “Bonus” check for breaking the family:

91.2% of all non custodial Texas parents are fathers

The OAG is training up the next generation by MANDATING the teaching of parents paying child support in the High School curriculum. 


The program is called (oddly enough) P.A.P.A.(Parenting and Paternity Awareness). 


The dads’ responsibility is to pay child support. the beginning and the end of his responsibility. 


In reality, this is simply not true, the family court system is entirely designed to turn, usually the father, into a paycheck. And yes, your lawyer and the judge are both in on it as they profit (directly and indirectly) from the 60 billion dollar industry. 


If your soon to be Ex is any type of rational, try to NOT have them go through the Texas OAG (but understand that if at ANY time in the future, she tries, they will get you for ALL the years that you didn’t pay into the OAG. This video shows what happened to a parent when they tried to get away from the OAG. In short, you can’t.  But let’s face it, if she was rational, you wouldn’t be here. 


And if you think that the state cares about foster children, understand that they receive Title IV-E funds from the federal government for foster care:

The state’s desire for child support for the Title IV-D funds is so great, that they have been advancing a bill to charge child support on the pre-born. Curious (and the Pissed Off Parent is a firm pro-lifer) that the overturning of Roe-V-Wade almost coincides with this

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