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(G)Local Plan:

Each of these items build upon the earlier objective described in more detail below. As each measurable item is completed (and
expanded/continued), the next objective becomes attainable as the overall project receives momentum from the previous successes.

The best way to create awareness and maximize impact is to place leaders, with a designated school district as their territory. Those leaders will work with the various school programs to create awareness. Leaders will be encouraged to participate in school programs like PTA, Watchdogs, and be a member of the school board and any other events/programs that will increase awareness.

A designated County Lead will manage “their” territory independently, reporting updates, status, etc. back to the larger team in regulate status update meetings.

According to the data, there are 1,031 public, 618 charter, and 1,297 private schools (est. 146,309 of home schooled) in Texas, which seems like a lot (and it is). The best way to keep it (g)local is to break it down into manageable chunks by ISD and then by County. By having a County Lead (there are 254 counties) approach, it keeps the territory fairly even.

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