Data Collection for court watchers process:

  1. Threatens Judicial Independence
  2. Nothing More Than a “Gotcha” Game
  3. Is Inherently Misguided Because Courts Have Little Control of Outcomes
  4. Uniqueness of Our Court Defies Observation by Outsiders (There’s No Way to Understand What We Do)
  5. Is an Invitation to Unfavorable and Unfair Comparisons
  6. Reports will Be Misused
  7. Results Will Be Used to Hurt, Not Help
  8. Is Good for Problem Diagnosis But Not Cure
  9. Is Too Expensive
  10. Could Vulgarize Jurisprudence

Links/work for laws regarding judicial campaign fairness

Judicial campaign fairness

updated 6/2019 campaign

ethics page

Campaign requirements

article on issues with financing judges

article with some data