Dedicated to exposing the Texas Legislators for the Clown Shoes that they are. 


Understand that the legislators are ALL in on the scam as they also profit off of the system (many are family court lawyers) and will pay lip service to making a change and pretend that they are unaware. DO NOT BE FOOLED.


The Texas Republican party has #93-95 planks dedicated to Equal Shared Parenting/Family:

Collection of Legislators discussing Equal Shared Parenting, Child Support, Custody Interference, etc.

in 2017, the Pissed Off Parent spoke with Governor Abbott about what he will do to reform custody and child support.

Ted Cruz - 2012

Does this template sound familiar?

Growing list of Clown Shoe Legislators

Victoria Neave
Ana-Marie Ramos
Dade Phelan
DWI Dutton