The Family Law Foundation…WOW

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For another project I am working on, I needed to get some information and pulled up the family law foundation (the jokers that provided misinformation during the Texas Justice committee and got their butts handed to them) website and was greeted with this on their front page:

That’s right, on the FRONT page they have produced a video on how to challenge 50/50 equal shared parenting…..but, it  gets even crazier…

They talk about (site appears to be a bit outdated from 2017) bills that they were able to get killed. I would invite you to download the document.

I started to quote this and that, but stopped…after seeing Krause and White and Dutton’s names in there and being thanked it reinforces the idea that while we should still pursue changes through legislation, we need to look to other ways to resolve this problem. From Dungeons and Dragons, We need to pretend they are Tiamat and fight accordingly. And if you think they aren’t trying their hardest to stop all this, here was the last page of the document:

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