War of the Roses….a documentary???

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I had watched War of the Roses (1989) shortly after meeting my first wife. I remember laughing at parts of it and not really understanding (even though I was a child of a crazy divorce) it. I remember even mouthing the words Sean Austin (Josh) said to Michael Douglas’s (Ollie) character “just because you screwed up doesn’t mean I will”. I even remember my dad telling me not to marry her because she was a crazy cunt like his wife(my bio-mom)…but no, I was young, dumb, and “in love” and actually defended her (first time I really ever stood up to my father).  Boy, was I WRONG!!!!!!!


Thankfully, my kids didn’t even have to hear my talk about women and marriage like Josh did since their bio-mom has provided such ample examples of what a bad wife/mother would be (and thankfully my current wife provides good examples of what a wife/mother should be). How many of us can say that this could have been the documentary of our first marriages…all the way to the chandelier scene (and had that happened, and we were dumb enough to be loving, the ro-beast would still do what Kathleen Turner’s character did).

I remember watching it recently saying “WOW!!!!!”. This movie should be required viewing by both men and women, so at least everyone understands the rules and how it can go.

And for the ladies, I have watched Michael Douglas’s other film. If you want to hear about it, make your own website/blog 🙂

If you’d like to watch the entire movie for free on youtube

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