Texas Child Support numbers…What Texans are paying

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As I get more and more frustrated with peoples’ outright apathy concerning the “child support” epidemic, I keep hoping that providing information will help. Hoping that if you don’t give two shits about me or my kids, that you may give a shit about your kids(boys) and their children…or give a shit about how much money YOU are paying for this.

Bottom shelved this for everyone with crayoned pictures (and even did the math). JUST in federal incentives and “grants” (for the dumb, read your tax dollars for all of this), the state of texas ALONE got

$367,220,000 Administrative costs (amount they take out for all their efforts)

$72,000,000 Federal Incentive Payments (money Texas received as a bonus for making child support orders and going after people)

$324,618,384 Grants for child support collections

$763,838,384 This is the total Federal incentives that TEXAS received for their child support division.


And y’all wonder why the legislative branch won’t pass equal shared parenting bills, why judges strike down equal shared parenting, why attorneys fight so hard to stop equal shared parenting.

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