Judge Judy knew what was up 23 years ago….

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Judge Judy, you know her as the wise cracking Judge on daytime TV. Personally, I loved her no nonsense approach and quick wit when dealing with shenanigans.

Although, not an avid watcher of the show (some of us have to work for a living), when I did watch, I noticed times where the mother would pull the “poor me” victim card when dealing with the ex husband or ex boyfriend and Judge Judy would correct her language and put her in her place. What was striking is that it was so rare to see a judge call this type of behavior out.

I remember my divorce and having the judge laugh at me in open court when I explained my thoughts on children (fathers job is to raise boys and show them how to treat a woman, and raise girls to show them the kind of men they should marry; and the mothers job is to show boys they type of women they should marry and girls how to treat a man). Ordering me out of my bought and paid for home within 15 days and ordering me to pay $1,400 a month in “maintenance” to a goofy broad that had ZERO bills and a stolen war chest of over $60,000 (that I knew of).

The only time I remember the divorce judge getting mad at the little actress was when she wanted $5,000 for new furniture and for my maintenance to go up to $3,600 a month. I could tell her shithead of an attorney wasn’t happy..the $5,000 was just granted, but that greedy broad loves her money. The judge stopped and asked her what she intends to do for money…and I will never forget what happens next, the actress says that she can’t work because she is too concerned for “her babies” and does (and I’m not kidding) the BEST sorrowful, pity-ass look, all while folding her hands…I think I saw a tear drop. This apparently pissed the judge off (amazingly) and she comes out of her chair and says “Mrs. Ward, YOU need to get a job”. Of course 5 years later the lazy bitch still doesn’t have a job.

At the child support hearing, the O.A.G. attorney and the Judge were both pissed at her for being greedy as she made comments like “I have no plans to work, I live off of the child support” and “I provide my kids school lunches on my own….through the states free lunch program”, etc.

Generally speaking, judges are NOT pro man or pro dad, it is refreshing to see a judge publicly call this out. This is due to the fact that she has made her money and will not be dependent on the money she will make from Title IV-D and other state monies. She said this 23 years ago and NOTHING has changed. this graph below supports that. WHEN will people get pissed off enough to do something instead of bitching about the GoT ending….

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