Tarrant County Texas Courts…can they be any more corrupt

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Was recently informed of three corruption cases (involving the same family court gang) that should rock even the most jaded person that has been through the family court system to the core (and that says a lot given that we have dealt with judges giving ex boyfriends equal rights to a father; forcing a man to pay alimony for a woman he wasn’t even married to; forcing a father to pay for gender reassignment surgery on a 7yr old WITHOUT a hearing;  forcing a man to pay $70k+ in child support for a child everyone knows isn’t (see video))

….but in these cases, on one side illustrates the utter incompetence of the combined efforts of the Tarrant County family court system.

On the other side, it shows how truly evil they are.

Three families TORN apart, their children will never know what normal is….

These three have the same thing in common, Their cases were handled by Tarrant Counties own Judge Patricia Bennett and Judge Judith Wells. These judges names should be somewhat familiar:

Both of these judges appear on the protective mothers revolution page HALL OF SHAME!!

See a pattern?

Now read these heartbreaking stories:

Sarah Pike(Leyva)

Sarah Telling her story on CPS Horror Stories

And this is what they do to silence you:

And the appeals process:

Brad Lamb:

You can watch Brad tell his story on Dad Talk Today.

This is Sophie’s story, which has been repeated over and over, but the Judges do nothing…..

Kelly Long (The mother of Sophie, the one that watches and allows this stuff to happen)
1902 Greenville Ave Dallas, Texas 75206
(480) 257- 0555
Kim Mitton’s Cell: (716) 572-9256
YouTube player

Kelly’s boyfriend that is accused of hurting sophie

Sarah’s plea for Sophie:

YouTube player

***Collin County Judge Cyndi Wheless has the case and TRO and is lecturing the parents on being safe, and that the parents need to be civil. Talk about clueless. This case is well beyond civil.***

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