Family Courts, lawyers, and legislators are trying to find new ways to steal your money

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A bill was recently introduced by Senator Inhofe and Senator Cramer in Oklahoma dubbed the “unborn child support act”, which will allow a woman to name ANY man as father and have exclusive approval to deny any paternity requests and get child support from them. In other words if a woman names a man as dad, she can refuse to have the child tested to prove that the child is actually his. Child support can be ordered to be paid by the father retroactive to the time of conception.

I am pro-life, always will be, and believe in the sanctity of life….what these senators are doing  is reprehensible and shows how far they are willing to go to get the slice of the government cheese by way of title IV-D funds. They do not care about the children or the mothers, just in turning the father into an ATM to pad the state coffers.

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