Tired of legislators promising and not delivering

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I had been thinking about seeing what the legislators efforts have been over the years with respect to important causes like equal shared parenting, etc. I’ve grumbled about how it seems like “fluff” bills go through like the lemonade stand bill, the recent Chic-fil-a bill, etc. but serious ones like equal shared parenting, and the pro-life bill (whichever side you fall on) seem to die every year.

Sherry Palmer did my job for me and wrote about it here on her site, where she walks through 10 bills over 12 years that have died for one reason or another. How the “family law” foundation does everything they can to lie, mislead, etc. so that they can continue generating billions of dollars off of our children.

I just don’t understand the apathy. the data is overwhelming, its blatantly obvious whats being done…and yet no one does anything. I am (and you should be too) a pissed off parent about this. What will it take to get this fixed? How much coverage? How much attention? This affects directly and indirectly everyone in the United States.

My other musing is that I’ve read, heard it with my own ears, and have been counseled that I should not upset the legislators….Last time I checked, they work for US, not the other way around…


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