Explainer video cartoon for Title IV-D

Tirelessly worked on producing an easy to understand video (with sarcastic humor) to explain Title IV-D and why family court is the way it is. Excited to receive feedback of this first video and hoping it can be used as a training tool.

Texas Child Support numbers…What Texans are paying

As I get more and more frustrated with peoples’ outright apathy concerning the “child support” epidemic, I keep hoping that providing information will help. Hoping that if you don’t give two shits about me or my kids, that you may give a shit about your kids(boys) and their children…or give a shit about how much […]

This should piss you off! Because it pisses me off

Even though I know all about the child support scam, how the state profits off of our children, how the system is designed to maximize profits and everyone is in on it, it still pisses me off to actually see the numbers ring up. The image below is from a 2018 HHS report of what […]