Immigrant families treated better than US citizens?

The issue of illegal immigration, for some is a complex and contentious topic, evoking passionate debates on various fronts. One particularly heart-wrenching aspect of this issue is the separation of families at the border. While efforts have been made to reunite children with their parents who crossed the border illegally, the only way a removed […]

Why did HB 3379 Texas’s Equal Shared Parenting Bill fail?

After the previous session’s (2021) HB 803 Texas Equal Shared Parenting bill, although having 20 sponsor/co-sponsors and 100s of witnesses failed once again to pass the JJFI committee (Pt1 and Pt2 hearings), Representative David Cook committed to introducing an equal shared bill. This video gives a short explanation as to why the bill did not […]

Equal Shared Parenting….. coming to the Sunshine and Show Me States

Equal shared parenting has become a hotly contested issue in many states across the United States. Recently, both Florida and Missouri have taken steps to implement equal shared parenting legislation, which could have a significant impact on family law cases in those states. In this blog post, we will discuss what equal shared parenting is, […]

Barriers to Equal Shared Parenting

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Equal shared parenting, also known as joint custody or co-parenting, has many benefits for children and parents alike. However, despite its advantages, there are still many barriers that prevent parents from being able to share parenting responsibilities equally. In this blog post, we will explore some of the barriers to equal shared parenting. Traditional Gender […]

Equal Shared Parenting… some quotes by professionals

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Professionals discussing equal shared parenting Equal shared parenting, also known as shared custody, joint custody, or co-parenting, is a parenting arrangement where both parents have equal responsibility for their children’s upbringing and care. This approach has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more parents recognize the importance of both parents being involved […]