Equal Shared Parenting… some quotes by professionals

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Professionals discussing equal shared parenting

Equal shared parenting, also known as shared custody, joint custody, or co-parenting, is a parenting arrangement where both parents have equal responsibility for their children’s upbringing and care. This approach has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more parents recognize the importance of both parents being involved in their children’s lives. Here are some quotes on equal shared parenting that highlight the benefits and challenges of this approach:

  1. “Equal shared parenting is the best arrangement for children after divorce. Children do better when both parents are involved in their lives, and shared parenting allows for both parents to play an active role.” – Linda Nielsen, Professor of Adolescent and Educational Psychology

  2. “The research is clear that equal shared parenting is associated with better outcomes for children, including better emotional and behavioral adjustment, higher academic achievement, and stronger relationships with both parents.” – Edward Kruk, Associate Professor of Social Work

  3. “Equal shared parenting is not about parents’ rights, but about children’s rights. Children have the right to be raised by both parents, and shared parenting ensures that they have access to the love and support of both parents.” – Warren Farrell, Author and Activist

  4. “Equal shared parenting requires a high level of cooperation and communication between parents. It can be challenging, but the benefits for children are worth it.” – Robert Emery, Professor of Psychology

  5. “Equal shared parenting is not about dividing time equally between parents, but about ensuring that both parents are involved in all aspects of their children’s lives, including decision-making and day-to-day care.” – Anne Mitchell, Author and Parenting Coach

  6. “Equal shared parenting can be especially beneficial for fathers, who may have been marginalized in the past. It allows them to be more involved in their children’s lives and to have a stronger relationship with them.” – Richard Warshak, Clinical Psychologist

  7. “Equal shared parenting is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it may not work for every family. But it should be considered as an option, particularly in cases where both parents are willing and able to cooperate and co-parent effectively.” – Ned Holstein, Founder of the National Parents Organization

In conclusion, equal shared parenting is a parenting arrangement that can benefit both children and parents. It requires a high level of cooperation and communication between parents, but the rewards can be great. As Linda Nielsen notes, “Shared parenting is not just a legal arrangement, it’s a parenting philosophy that prioritizes children’s needs and recognizes the importance of both parents in their lives.”

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