I LOVE TRANSFORMERS! Like every other kid of my generation, I was hooked when these “robots in disguise” came out. The nostalgia of it all has caused me to recollect my collection (and add ones that I never had).

Will explain why it is a “recollection” vs just an add (and no, my mother/father didn’t sell my collection at a garage sale for $20). But some backstory:

I grew up in a TINY little town in eastern Missouri (3 bars, 1 church, and a stop sign with bullet holes that no one proved was me) and lived about 100 yards away from the Mississippi/Missouri River

One of the “challenges” of living there was that it would flood the yard and “basement” various times of the year. Here is a picture of the house I grew up in and its relation to the river:

In 1993, we were told that we had to leave, but that the water would not get into the attic……they were wrong. When we were allowed back, 95% of everything we owned was gone. As I was looking through the muck, I found these toys (and left the Mississippi mud on it as a badge of honor), vowing to one day collect them all again.

Lazerbeak (broken)
Red and yellow lion are original, note the Mississippi mud

About a year or so ago, I started recollecting them with the goal of collecting all of the G1 transformers.

Transformers G1 season 1 Intro and Outro (1984) [HQ]

Transformers G1 season 2 Intro and Outro (1985—1986) [HQ]

Transformers G1 season 3 Intro and Outro (1986-1987) [HQ]

Transformers G1 season 4 Intro and Outro (1987) [HQ]