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Beth Poulos

Tarrant County, TX

Beth Poulos, Associate Judge for 324th District Court, Tarrant County, TX. 

Judges should NOT be going on vacations and/or have an unprofessional relationship with the law firms that they hear from in court. So, why is Judge Beth Poulos pictured here (3rd from left) with lawyer (far right) Cheryl D Smith? What does the American Bar Association say about it? 


Courts are to be open to the public, however, Beth Poulos decided to not only not make the hearing public, but even after being informed about the open courts, she booted two (at least) court watchers. Why? 

In fact, you can review who her top donors are….lawyers. Wonder why?????????

Want to know why judges like Beth Poulos are against Equal Shared Parenting? Because they receive contributions from the law firms that stand to lose money if Equal Shared Parenting passes. For example this law firm, Koonsfuller is a “family” law firm that derives ALL of its profits from divorce and child custody. What would happen to their practice if Equal Shared Parenting became the law of the land? Here is the full list, notice who donates?