One Man’s Story on how he got custody

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A recent Reddit story caught my eye, so I thought I would share what this dad did to gain custody. While there are times where even this would not be enough, i hope that it serves as encouragement to those fighting as well as to provide guidance to things you can do to put yourself […]

Breaking the Silence: Shedding Light on Women Abusing Men

When discussions about abuse arise, the prevailing narrative often focuses on men as perpetrators and women as victims. However, it is essential to acknowledge that abuse can occur in various forms and affect people of all genders. In this article, we will shed light on a less-discussed issue—women abusing men. By exploring this often-overlooked aspect […]

Divorce Statistics in 2023

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Divorce is a reality that many couples face, and understanding the statistics behind this life-altering decision can shed light on the magnitude of the issue. In this blog, we delve into divorce statistics in the United States, drawing insights from reputable sources and examining the trends and patterns that shape our understanding of divorce in […]

Immigrant families treated better than US citizens?

The issue of illegal immigration, for some is a complex and contentious topic, evoking passionate debates on various fronts. One particularly heart-wrenching aspect of this issue is the separation of families at the border. While efforts have been made to reunite children with their parents who crossed the border illegally, the only way a removed […]

Why did HB 3379 Texas’s Equal Shared Parenting Bill fail?

After the previous session’s (2021) HB 803 Texas Equal Shared Parenting bill, although having 20 sponsor/co-sponsors and 100s of witnesses failed once again to pass the JJFI committee (Pt1 and Pt2 hearings), Representative David Cook committed to introducing an equal shared bill. This video gives a short explanation as to why the bill did not […]

Equal Shared Parenting….. coming to the Sunshine and Show Me States

Equal shared parenting has become a hotly contested issue in many states across the United States. Recently, both Florida and Missouri have taken steps to implement equal shared parenting legislation, which could have a significant impact on family law cases in those states. In this blog post, we will discuss what equal shared parenting is, […]

False Allegations aka “The Silver Bullet”

False allegations are accusations made with the intent to cause harm or to gain an advantage. They can have devastating consequences, both for the accused and for any parties involved in a case. In family law disputes, such as divorce or custody battles, false allegations can be particularly damaging, as they can affect the outcome […]

Same-Sex Divorce, a study exploring an emerging trend

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When we think of divorce, we often envision a heterosexual couple going through a painful and emotional separation. However, divorce is not exclusive to heterosexual couples. Lesbian couples, like any other couple, can also experience the difficulties that come with ending a relationship. This video walks through some interesting statistics that have been collected over […]