One Man’s Story on how he got custody

father cycling with sons in trailer

A recent Reddit story caught my eye, so I thought I would share what this dad did to gain custody. While there are times where even this would not be enough, i hope that it serves as encouragement to those fighting as well as to provide guidance to things you can do to put yourself […]

Think you have rights as a parent?

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California, known for its progressive policies and commitment to social justice, has once again stirred up controversy with a proposed bill that aims to remove parents who do not accept their child’s gender identity. The bill has sparked intense debates regarding parental rights, individual freedom, and the role of the state in family matters. In […]

Court Watching – a How To guide

judge signing on the papers

Court watching, also known as courtroom observation, is an essential activity that allows individuals to witness the workings of the legal system firsthand. By observing judicial proceedings, citizens can gain valuable insights into the administration of justice and foster transparency within the legal system. Whether you are a law student, an aspiring lawyer, a concerned […]

Immigrant families treated better than US citizens?

The issue of illegal immigration, for some is a complex and contentious topic, evoking passionate debates on various fronts. One particularly heart-wrenching aspect of this issue is the separation of families at the border. While efforts have been made to reunite children with their parents who crossed the border illegally, the only way a removed […]

Custodial Interference: When Parental Rights Cross the Line

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Custodial interference is a serious legal issue that can have significant consequences for both the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent. It refers to any action that interferes with the custodial rights of a parent over their child. This can include actions such as denying visitation, taking the child out of state or out of […]