DNA Testing – When you are NOT the father

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DNA testing has revolutionized the field of paternity testing, providing a reliable and accurate method to determine biological relationships. However, one question that often arises is, “What are the statistics when the man is not the father?” In this article, we delve into the realm of DNA testing statistics to shed light on the frequency […]

Court Watching – a How To guide

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Court watching, also known as courtroom observation, is an essential activity that allows individuals to witness the workings of the legal system firsthand. By observing judicial proceedings, citizens can gain valuable insights into the administration of justice and foster transparency within the legal system. Whether you are a law student, an aspiring lawyer, a concerned […]

Immigrant families treated better than US citizens?

The issue of illegal immigration, for some is a complex and contentious topic, evoking passionate debates on various fronts. One particularly heart-wrenching aspect of this issue is the separation of families at the border. While efforts have been made to reunite children with their parents who crossed the border illegally, the only way a removed […]

Equal Shared Parenting….. coming to the Sunshine and Show Me States

Equal shared parenting has become a hotly contested issue in many states across the United States. Recently, both Florida and Missouri have taken steps to implement equal shared parenting legislation, which could have a significant impact on family law cases in those states. In this blog post, we will discuss what equal shared parenting is, […]

Who Gets Custody In America? The Numbers Might Surprise You.

Divorce and separation are complex processes, particularly when children are involved. The issue of child custody can be one of the most significant challenges facing separating or divorcing parents. Custody battles can be emotional and stressful for everyone involved, making it crucial to understand how the legal system handles these cases in the United States. […]

Dallas “anti-family” court judge Mary Brown

Most people just simply cannot believe that this is occurring at all, much less in Texas. Basically, an evil whacked out POS pediatrician in an effort to destroy her ex-husband and display her golden uterus (a point that is also weird, since the child in question is adopted) is pushing to have their son, James, […]

Texas hates fathers…..still

The war on fathers has been going on for decades. While many organizations like AFESP, AFPE, Dads Equal Custody, The Unmarried Father, etc. have been working to change the laws and public perception of fathers, not much has really changed. As everyone knows, divorce is a 60+ billion dollar business and the lawyers, judges, and […]

Child Support is not for children, it is welfare recovery

Media, family law, judges, courts, lawyers, the government, “single” (mostly) mothers, etc. all tout the often repeated lie/misinformation that child support is for the children. This is at best misinformation, but likely an outright lie. Although there have been many reports, videos, etc. on this topic, it continues to persist. This recent report out of […]