The Family Order…for a happy family

Have always wanted to put my thoughts down on “paper” and lay out exactly how I believe on this topic. With all the things I am involved with, my position/thoughts get misconstrued all over the place. This entry is to collect a full thought on it and lay it out for easy reference. Background: I […]

So, this is acceptable now

Wife and I go to our local wal-mart to get “one thing” ($200 later….). While we are there, these two ladies walk down the isle with their screaming kid. We watch as the mom opens a box of Popsicles, gives the brat one, AND THEN PUTS THE BOX BACK!!! We are dumbfounded. We spoke to […]

My Bio Brother….betcha didn’t know that I had one…here is why

As I have mentioned before, this website (and blog) is to get information out, but kind of a therapy for me, and this is just one such therapy, talking about my life. Now, before anyone gets that “he’s gone off the deep end” or that I am going to “do something”, please get that out […]

New additions to transformers…AND gobots!!!

i came across a good deal for a Megatron and they guy was throwing in a sky fire so I jumped on it. He said that was gonna throw in a few more things to get them off his shelf! Wow!!! so, in addition to getting megatron and sky fire, ALSO got tracks and two […]

Birthday Memories and Best Guy Friends

This video came up in my facebook feed today and it sent me back a ways. This was my 40th Birthday party that I celebrated at my Best Friend, Jeff and Julie Parker’s house in Indiana. While my then spouse (and her family) couldn’t be bothered with something as trivial (to be fair, her birthday […]