Judge Judy knew what was up 23 years ago….

Judge Judy, you know her as the wise cracking Judge on daytime TV. Personally, I loved her no nonsense approach and quick wit when dealing with shenanigans. Although, not an avid watcher of the show (some of us have to work for a living), when I did watch, I noticed times where the mother would […]

Software Developers and PMs/SCMs, read this nonsense!

I’ve been involved in software development in some fashion for going on 19 years. This link goes to a report for their “Texas Child Support Enforcement System 2.0” . If you have ever used the child support website, it looks like a 12 year old built it to host their mine craft server. Seeing that […]

Texas Child Support numbers…What Texans are paying

As I get more and more frustrated with peoples’ outright apathy concerning the “child support” epidemic, I keep hoping that providing information will help. Hoping that if you don’t give two shits about me or my kids, that you may give a shit about your kids(boys) and their children…or give a shit about how much […]

Corrupt CPS…and my experience(s)

Saw an article that 3 CPS workers are being indicted for various things. Being involved in the shared parenting groups, I have heard a number of horror stories involving CPS..My boys and I have, unfortunately, too have had to deal with CPS due to the ex-spouse and her shenanigans.  Glad that someone is holding this […]

The Family Law Foundation…WOW

For another project I am working on, I needed to get some information and pulled up the family law foundation (the jokers that provided misinformation during the Texas Justice committee and got their butts handed to them) website and was greeted with this on their front page: That’s right, on the FRONT page they have […]

War of the Roses….a documentary???

I had watched War of the Roses (1989) shortly after meeting my first wife. I remember laughing at parts of it and not really understanding (even though I was a child of a crazy divorce) it. I remember even mouthing the words Sean Austin (Josh) said to Michael Douglas’s (Ollie) character “just because you screwed […]

Tired of legislators promising and not delivering

I had been thinking about seeing what the legislators efforts have been over the years with respect to important causes like equal shared parenting, etc. I’ve grumbled about how it seems like “fluff” bills go through like the lemonade stand bill, the recent Chic-fil-a bill, etc. but serious ones like equal shared parenting, and the […]

This generation…what is going on?

I get how every generation thinks that the previous ones music was awesome and the next generation of people are stupid, lazy and doomed….BUT, what is up with this generation? Its not just me, even Mike Rowe gets it in this meme, but seriously….. When I was a kid, my dad would tell me to […]

This should piss you off! Because it pisses me off

Even though I know all about the child support scam, how the state profits off of our children, how the system is designed to maximize profits and everyone is in on it, it still pisses me off to actually see the numbers ring up. The image below is from a 2018 HHS report of what […]