Winning…Just winning!!

On Monday, I received from a lady outside of Houston my Dairugger Voltron that I had been searching for ever since losing mine in the Missouri flood of ’93.

So, today while on a meeting…flipping through Facebook and see a young guy is selling a bunch of toys, legos and stuff like that. I’m bored so I start flipping through the pages and then see this(I highlighted around it:

As I make out what it is, I lose it…TWO in one week!!! I bust a move out to his house and learn that he is getting rid of his uncles old voltrons and transformers. He had NO idea what these toys turned into, etc. So, as I showed him my Voltron, etc. he is shocked to see after all these years of him playing with these toys that there was more to them.


Anyway, here is me with my 2nd voltron set!!!!


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