V the 1983 mini series and the link to the OAG

So, last night (and this morning) watched V, the 1983 mini series that I loved (but hadn’t watched since 1984). Amazing that I can’t remember my keys in my hand, but I can recite word for word a movie from 1983.

I watched the movie as an adult and have to say that it has stood the test of time. The plot is that beings from another planet come in peace and want to help, etc. and then they turn out to be cold soulless lizards that are trying to destroy everything they can.

As I watched, I couldnt help but notice the comparison between “the visitors” and the OAG and some of the interpersonal communications with ex spouses:

  1. The Supreme Commander “Paul” has a huge network of people that do all of his dirty work while he brags about helping people
  2. Anyone that gets in their way (ie scientists, doctors) have lies made up and are summarily removed and either murdered or reprogrammed
  3.  Huge propaganda machine, lying to people (have you seen the OAG website)
  4. They are here to help, but their motives are to suck you in and harvest you for food
  5. There are many people who support it as they have a vested interest for power and money (family law)
  6. They will use whatever means, especially your children (main characters son) to get you to surrender
  7. They will whatever means to extract information to be used against you (parents getting dirt on the resistance)

I also noted some of the interpersonal communications with the ex wife, the kid, and the dad. As the stepdad, ex wife, and kid are watching the discovery of the visitors and Sean’s dad is seen on television, the kid is excited!!! Then mom says “maybe I can get more alimony.”

In another scene when the dad comes to pick his son up, he sees that his son has some visitor toys. The son says “I wanted to get more, but mom says she doesnt have the money and to ask you to pay more”. After awkward silence, the dad said something.

In the last scene with the ex-wife before she is killed (the movie does have a happy ending 🙂 ) she is yelling at the dad about his exciting work and how she can’t compete. He says for her to use her college degree and get a job, to which she starts crying and runs off.

And it gets even better, after the mangy ex-wife is killed off, he meets a hot nursing student and they fall in love (hmmm, that sounds familiar).


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