This generation…what is going on?

I get how every generation thinks that the previous ones music was awesome and the next generation of people are stupid, lazy and doomed….BUT, what is up with this generation? Its not just me, even Mike Rowe gets it in this meme, but seriously…..

When I was a kid, my dad would tell me to get X done by the time he got home….and by God it was done by the time he got home…and it was done right! And this wasn’t “clean your room” type stuff, that was EXPECTED! And it wasn’t a negotiation either. He would tell me “Goober, chop the wood for the stove our front when you get home from school”.

A bit of clarification, my dad’s nickname for me was Goober (a southern peanut). I grew up in a small town in Missouri 10 feet from the river and we did not have central heat, but rather a pot bellied stove.

And when my dad eventually made it home, dinner was on the table and the wood was chopped and stacked.

Today’s generation will post a meme and call it work, or complain about their mean parents on their $1000 phone that their parents provide for them along with the phone service. They get upset when you don’t pick them up close to school (I literally had to walk a mile each way to the bus stop, or worse, had to boat from my house to dry land and then walk).

For my house, my oldest is currently training to be an air traffic controller, my daughter is currently looking for work, and my youngest son is trying to find ways to earn money this summer. There is hope out there, but it seems like us as parents need to be the one driving them to do that.

Of course, when I was a kid I would think that I would never make my kids do what I had to do and thought that being super nice to them (and of course the divorce guilt didn’t help) would instill in them work ethic, etc……boy was I wrong!!!! Couldn’t have done them more of a disservice. Making them struggle and telling them to earn it themselves is the way to go. I wish more parents would move from the “trophies for all” and pampering our kids to actual parenting and looking to the greater good.

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