Software Developers and PMs/SCMs, read this nonsense!

I’ve been involved in software development in some fashion for going on 19 years. This link goes to a report for their “Texas Child Support Enforcement System 2.0” .

If you have ever used the child support website, it looks like a 12 year old built it to host their mine craft server.

Seeing that there are 15 months behind, the budget has DOUBLED from the original estimate, its nice to know that all these mistakes are being funded by $142.7 million Texas tax dollars and $277 million Federal tax dollars. I work in the financial arena, I have stood up larger systems with a hell of a lot more security on a fraction of what the ORIGINAL estimate was. But wait, this thing actually began back in 2007!!?!?!?!

Its a short report, with a graphic or two. Read it as a Software person or a project manager. WOW!

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