Showing Receipts….Pisses me off

Been a few days since I have blogged something (busy with life and other fun stuff on the family front), but saw this come across my feed and it struck yet another pissed of nerve, showing receipts on the way out of a non membership store…aka “I think you are a thief”.

While I am sure this practice has been around for awhile, I still remember walking out of my local Fry’s store (electronics) and a guy walks in front of me and asks to see my receipt. After giving him the “wha” look, I hand it to him, assuming he was with security and thinks I stole something. He marks it and thanks me.

I researched it a bit more and got PISSED OFF. These stores are trying to deter theft by doing this (under the veil of making sure I have everything I bought and didn’t forget something…whatever).

Since then (and I have received flack from past people) whenever (until recently) a walmart, Fry’s, or other non membership type store would do that, would politely say “no thank you” and walk on by.

I remember doing a facebook post a few months ago when I took something back to my local walmart. The guy in the “greeter” position always makes it a point to stop just me (I have done the research). On one occasion, I did a pick up item in the front of the store about 10 feet away from him. He and I both know who each other are and when I came in we acknowledged each others existence and I walked about 10 feet away from him and picked up a game from the auto pickup (which requires a person to go get, go figure). the other attendant hands me the game, we do the scan and all that (after I show my license, receipt email) and I turn to walk out of the store. This ass-hat who I know had been watching me the ENTIRE time steps in front and demands to see my receipt. After a moment or two I tell him I don’t have time for the nonsense and he can arrest me if he wants and I leave the store. I haven’t seen him in later visits so who knows what happened.

This youtube video goes into more detail on why not to show your receipt. Stop being cattle.

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