Shit Stains, and the parents that breed them

It’s no surprise that I am a Trump Supporter….Like him or hate him, he has done quite a bit of good for this country , but that is not the point of this blog. Two sets of teenagers decided that it was OK to tear out my sign….and then later another set of shit stains vandalized my house:

  • Spray painted one of my security cameras
  • Spray painted my truck license plate
  • Spray painted my trump sign
  • Tried to burn/spray paint my trump flag and tore it down off its hinges
  • And the un-forgivable vandalism, one of these POSs spray painted my fathers tractor (the only thing I have left of his)

The first time it happened, it was  10/24/20 11:58AM. I obtained a police report 200316015 and spoke with Detective Donavan Orlando.

One of the little turds has a very distinctive blue bike:



So, a week later, at 5:35am 11/2/20, these two future jail lovers do their thing……


Completed a new report 200316200. Spoke with the detective again and was told that they will look into it.

I’d like to say that my neighborhood was supportive of finding these two little shit stains, but here are the responses that I received….

But, this pissed off parent puts his money where his mouth is….

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