“Fix the Glitch” at the (g)local level

A comprehensive plan to fix the problem.
This pissed off parent has been involuntarily involved in family court since 2013.

(ex-wife tried to play the silver bullet and other nonsense years prior, but 2013 was the ’nuffs e’nuff”. In the real world I am a process guy who observes and reports, but never interferes (yes, that is a Highlander quote).

The Equal Shared Parenting movement was born out of the growing frustration that parents, particularly
fathers were biased against for the purposes of the 50 billion dollar divorce industry, Title IV-D incentives to the states, Judges, etc. as
well as overall public opinion that fathers were not “good enough” to take care of their children. As recent as 2019, the “family” law foundation continues peddling their lies and misinformation (although some are  finally listening) all for money.

Because lets face it, the O.A.G., politicians, judges, police, attorneys, will never give up the billions they steal. In fact, in Texas Sherry Palmer just published an article showing how(why) they have thwarted equal shared parenting law passage efforts over the last 12 years:


For the uninitiated, this short video clip explains why legislatures, attorneys, judges, and the entire Divorce industry does not want equal shared parenting:

While there have been a number of successes with the movement in raising awareness, there has been a lack of successful change at
the local and state level. While there are a number of contributing factors, one primary issue is apathy. Many parents feel that after
they received their “deal” in family court, they did not have the knowledge(because their attorney is in on the scam), energy, financial resources, or desire to fight further. Often times they were marginalized and felt that no one was there to help.

The solution is a grass roots campaign to energize the base group, show them that change is possible, and most importantly that they are
not alone. By implementing a “Mcdonald’s” management style approach, each local group will be empowered and all will be working
towards the same goal in their respective communities.

I have put together a pretty “simple” plan that will allow motivated individuals to make local change. Basically, if you want to fix the inequality of family courts, you vote in judges that will do the right thing. This article from 2012 talks about judicial abuse and why this is a good way to fix the glitch.   This video goes into more detail.  To find out more about this approach, click here.


Collection of Youtube channels where family court proceedings are being made public:

Dallas/Tarrant County: 

Texas State Supreme Court: