Republicans say “limited government”….but not really

Look what Jack Rabbit Abbott just signed into law.

Look, I was a smoker since I was 12. Quit in my 30’s and now d-bag vaping. I’ve seen what smoking does to people and it sucks, its stupid, and they shouldn’t do it. What Abbott allowed to happen in Texas is just plain wrong, however.

This goes back to being able to vote at 21 vs 18 and the argument of being able to die for your country, but yet not be able to have a say in what happens. True, smoking isn’t voting, but it helped set the “at 18 your are a legal adult”. Changing this law is just yet ANOTHER way for the government to invade your personal lives.  another kicker is that if you in the military, you are exempt. This is strange all on its own as its “Saying” that if you join the military, we will give you special treatment to smoke. What is it really saying????

“It’s a bill that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick deemed a top priority for the Senate earlier this year, despite having more support among Democrats than Republicans. In fact, when the Senate voted the bill out of their chamber, most Republicans opposed the bill. A coalition comprised of every Democrat and a minority of Republicans was assembled to ram the legislation through and clear the chamber.

When the bill hit the Texas House, however, it passed with 111 yeas and only 37 nays.

Abbott, who had remained relatively quiet on his support for the legislation, ultimately signed the bill without pomp and circumstance on Friday.”

Repubs and Demoncrats, they are all politicians. Equal shared parenting (which was near the top of the popular list along with tax reform which got a pity fuck) didn’t happen, but this did? When will the masses wake up?

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