Republican party RINOs

How does someone handle a republican that appears to ignore the “planks” of the republican party? Here is a link to the 2020 Republican platform
#94 is for Equal shared parenting.
I’ve also attached a quick video explaining what it is as well as the issue with getting it a hearing.
Rep David Cook and Rep Valoree Swanson, BOTH republicans OPPOSED HB803, which was pretty well word for word for #94 on the republican platform.
Here is the link to the video where you can hear out of their own mouths their opposition to the bill during the JJFI hearing earlier this month. Their disdain and attitude are apparent throughout the session.
What can be done to make Cook and Swanson understand that they are acting contrary to what the republican party stands for. If they are not republicans, fine, but they shouldn’t be able to claim that they are.

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