People do not want to discuss/learn

I have (had) this naive notion that people are intelligent and will listen to reason. You’d think that I would learn from my mistakes. It amazes me the level of cognitive immunization people have. With the nonsense happening from people actually being upset at Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself, it just goes to show that people are just plain loony. I tried to have some reasonable discussions with people, with my fatal mistake being reasonable. Here is one of the many encounters I had….but whats more interesting, is just like a little baby, she threw the game board in the air when she lost…..

Thankfully, realizing that this is the common ploy of their Einsteins, I screen capped the conversation.

This goes back to the point that people suffer from cognitive immunization. They already have an idea in their head and NOTHING will change their mind.

…and if you need further proof of their mental disorder

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