My geeni…….affordable GREAT video surveillance

With the recent little shits that are committing vandalism, realized that my security system is just not cutting it. Although they captured these acts, they weren’t giving me the quality or timely notifications that I needed. So, in a rare change from my cheapness, I went “top of the line”, ie ARLO, which was recommended to me by a few people. I purchased their $250 floodlight camera. It died within the 1st day, so it got returned.

Off to youtube I went….after 100 or so videos and other research, came across this company called geeni and checked out their stuff. I am BLOWN away at how good the cameras look, record, and their connectivity.

I have bought 2 of their floodlight camera($99 each at walmart), their doorbell camera($49 walmart) and their hawk camera ($59 amazon). In addition to that, bought a couple 32gig micro sd cards so that they continuously record. Cannot recommend them enough!!! The video quality is AWESOME. Notifications are very timely. Going to sell/destroy my old system as it is nowhere close to this system.

If you are looking for a inexpensive GREAT solution, this is it!


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