Made a GREAT comic find this weekend!

Everyone will agree that I am a HUGE nerd…I am perfectly fine with that. On Mother’s day, Brandy wanted to go to Griff’s for lunch (And people wonder why I love her, ha ha), so took the family down there for an awesome burger-fest. After ee left there, she wanted to hit a Big Lots store. Well, lo-and behold there was a comic book store in the same strip mall, so the 3 kids and I waltzed in while she was doing her thing. Had a GREAT conversation with the owner. He is a retired officer from New York and moved down here a few years ago and just started getting into the comic book scene.

For reasons I will never understand, I asked him if he had an old comic book series that I read when I was 10 years old, called “Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew”. He not only knew where it was in the store and pulled them for me, the PRICE on them was amazing. If you like comic books at all, THIS is the place to get them. To say this comic book prices are low is an understatement. He said that he realizes that they are much lower than other places, but he loves comic books and wants people to read them.

Here is his information, please visit:

Comic Warriors

1540 Keller Parkway, Suite 110, Keller TX 76248

Phone: 682-593-8181

[email protected]

Facebook: comicwarriorsstx

Instagram: @ comic_warriors

And here are my newest additions (and yes, I reread them on the can 😉 )

And if you wanted to learn the origin of this comic and part of why I love it so much: youtube

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