Judges….where is the “honor” ?

Yesterday I was informed of yet ANOTHER situation where it really appeared that justice was not done at all. With my bias that judges, attorneys, etc are in it for the Title IV-D funds and other parts of the 50 billion a year industry instead of the “Best interest of the child”, I tried to see all of this from another point of view….but can’t.


Here is a 15yr old kid that has informed the courts that he is being abused by both mom and step-dad. INSTEAD of having the matter heard in court, ALL evidence for this was squashed by the mom and step-dads attorney and a paid for doctor. We will never know what really happened because the judge REFUSED to allow cameras into the court room, but from all appearances, the judge, attorney, and doctor had something to hide…In fact when they were questioned about it instead of being adults, they turned around and refused to face Jeff. What a bunch of losers!! And the judge comes out and wags his finger and makes a threat to Jeff. This is what our judicial system is, not what you see on matlock (lord, I WISH we had a matlock type of judicial system instead of the circus act we actually have).

Face facts, NO ONE cares about children, it is ALL about the money. These judges, attorneys, doctors, so called parents need to all be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing….all for money!

All this 15 year old kid wanted to do was have his voice heard. These peoples’ job is to protect him (remember, this circus act is called “family” court). They need to be held accountable for their actions.


Here’s finger wagging “Quisimoto”. Make sure he is remembered in the next election


Attorney is knuckle deep in his afternoon lunch. Don’t shake hands with him……


Attorney “finished” lunch but he and the doctor turned their backs to Jeff like little babies

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