Importance of helping spouses follow their dreams

Currently taking a break from helping Brandy run her “Relay for Life” program as the other teams are setting up their individual items for the event. While I played pretty much the pack mule (because as a seasoned project manager, I know my role and run with it), I did get to observe a number of things that hold true to most volunteer type jobs.

I say this as I see an overwhelming amount of apathy in my own world for Equal Shared Parenting. It holds true that only a few volunteers ACTUALLY do anything and the rest of them sit on their asses waiting for the awards ceremony. Kinda like back in grade school where a group project involved 1-3 people dedicated to it and the rest just goofed off, but put their name on the project at the end.

But, back to the original point of the post. Brandy has worked VERY hard to put this program together, countless nights, hours on the phone, cleaning up others’ messups and working through a number of issues. She genuinely enjoys doing this and I am happy (and proud) to support her.


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