If you want something done right….you do it yourself

I tell my kids over and over what my daddy told me, “If you want something done right, you do it yourself”. So as some of you know, my Air Conditioner went out mid late last year and we hobbled through while I tried to repair it. After trying unsuccessfully to repair it (I did fix the other unit myself 🙂 ), I started getting bids on a new A/C unit.

After settling on a contractor, who insisted that I pay him up front because he has been screwed over on jobs…I explained that the ONLY way I work is when the work is done. So, he completed the work with the exception of a new water pan (which he was going to install the next week), I went ahead and paid him.

Fast forward 3 weeks where I am pulled out of a daze with the 2nd story ceiling dripping. I go up and sure enough the AC units condensations was draining out. When it had happened 5 years earlier (right after I bought it), I put some buckets underneath it.

After looking at it, the AC guy (aside from never putting the new pan in), did not properly level/grade the unit so any condensation would not go into the bucket or the pan, but roll back to the plenum….So, Brandy and I lift up the unit and put a 1″ board in the right spot…and wala! all fixed.

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