Finally caught a sign stealer!

Any of the readers…and anyone that knows this pissed off parent at all knows that have been dealing with sign thieves and vandals over the last month or so:

Stealing my trump sign

Shit Stains, and the parents that breed them

Lurkers be lurking

Well, after spending about $400 on surveillance equipment, etc. finally caught one:

The amazing part is that this rocket scientist actually looked at my camera….and STILL took the sign. You can’t put a price tag on stupidity like that. Realizing that submitting an online complaint wasn’t going to catch them quickly, I jumped in my truck and found that these morons were a block away playing basketball at the local church.

Here is an example of their situational awareness…

After following them in my vehicle, they walked to their house…..3 DOORS DOWN from mine!!!

So, after the police show up, they go over and have a chat with the children. This was me and the police talking to the kids:

police report#201148535

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