Worthless Bio-“moms”

I will be expanding quite a bit on the “worthless bio-mom” section as my personal experiences are ripe with examples. Just after the soft launch of this site, I received this gem (and responded):

This is the type of stuff that pisses me off. Again, a lot more future expansion from my own personal experience dealing with this nutbar, but just know that I will never be short for material. 

While I am glad that I survived and am out of shawshank (only 4 years 9 months until I never have to deal with her again….and don’t embarrass yourself thinking that she will be involved in the kids lives once that paycheck ends, you should see how she interacts with David now that his paycheck has stopped rolling in), I feel sorry for the kids, and take a lot of responsibility for it.

Unlike how the courts think, I decided to align myself with this nutjob and pro-create. I would never have changed any part of that because then I would not have my sons, but if only there was a way to “back to the future” it differently… 

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