Continued disrespect to our police officers

Why are we “allowing” this nonsense to happen and continue.  These ingrates aren’t protesting, they have become the very thing they “Say” that they are against. And its stupid, do these “protestors” really think that yelling half truths and nonsense at these guys is doing anything… the cops are gonna go “oh yea, I guess I better stop whatever they think I have done.” The exact opposite is what will end up happening.

Here is a video taken recently in Dallas County…Dallas County!!! These idiots are just crazy, you can’t be this stupid.



In case you are not from around Dallas, let me introduce you to the current Dallas County police chief(incidentally, she is resigning at the end of the year due to all of this nonsense)….

Here is the previous police chief…

These are thugs, nothing else…and they need to be dealt with, not coddled.

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